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How to Startup?

Phase 3

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The step involves building an MVP and a product roadmap which will ultimately lead you  to a good product.

So you have developed an MVP and made relevant iterations based on user feedback and now you are ready to roll out the product to more users/customers. Who should you target first and how? What price should you sell your product for? Let’s figure out in this blog.

Prerequisites for Stage 3: MVP developed, tested with early users and iterations done based on user feedback

3.1 Goal

Goal is to secure a few early adopters for your product, ensuring they drive significant value and retain their engagement. This will help to drive adoption and ultimately generate revenue.

3.2 Timeline

1.5-3 months, 3-4 people (co-founders + founders office intern/employee)

3.3 GTM Process

GTM: GTM strategy is an action plan of a company that specifies how a company will reach out to its target customers

  • Design and define a strategy to reachout to a few early adopters for your product.  Check GTM checklist on how to develop sales funnel.

    • Analyse most effective channels to reach target customers

    • Develop a funnel of all potential customers/users

    • Develop a week-on-week reachout plan

  • Develop clear, concise messaging that resonates with your target audience, emphasizing the unique benefits and how it solves their problems. Target is to convince the customer/user of the unique value of the product.

    • B2B: Emails, Demo videos, LinkedIn posts

    • B2C: Optimized website with clear CTAs, campaigns, content etc

  • ​ Implement analytics to monitor how customers are using your product. Use Microsoft Clarity, Google Analytics to gather data on user behavior

  • Analyze the data collected from the above steps to identify where potential customers are dropping off and based on the identified breakpoints, make necessary adjustments to your product, outreach strategy, communication methods.

  • Once you have a solid base of early adopters and a well-functioning funnel, you can start thinking about scaling your GTM strategy.

3.4 ACE Process:

  1. Assist startups in connecting with potential customers and industry partners to help accelerate their entry into the market

  2. Introducing founders to various conferences and talks to help build network and pitch in their product

  3. Fortnightly session on Sales and Marketing from experienced industry experts for insights and guidance 

  4. Weekly cohort meetings to present a progress report, steps ahead and share their GTM learnings 

  5. Weekly 121 meetings with each founder to offer tailored mentorship specific to their target market and strategy.

  6. Fortnightly readings on GTM strategy to help deeply understand GTM best practices

3.5 Tools/Platforms to use in Product Development Stage

  • Content Creation

    • Canva

  • Outbound Sales

    • Cold Emails 

      • Sendinblue

      • Odoo

      • Apollo

    • Cold messages

      • LinkedIn 

      • Whatsapp messages: Mass messaging tools

  • Inbound Sales

    • Social Media posts

    • Blogs: Website, LinkedIn and other platforms

    • Short Videos on social media to create awareness

    • Demo videos on YT

  • Communities

    • LinkedIn communities

    • Discord

2.6 Readings:


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