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We accelerate high impact non-profits

ACE Impact supports exceptional founders build innovative solutions  & create systemic impact at scale

Evaluating Applications on Rolling Basis


What is systems change innovation?

An innovation that has the potential to impact millions of people and solve the problem by intervening at high leverage points in the system. For this to happen, the non profit needs to have a clear pathway to scale its innovation.

How can we help you start high impact non-profits?

We run a 6 month accelerator program in Delhi NCR. During this time we work intensively with founders on deeply understanding the problem, innovating on solutions, launching pilot & preparing them for fundraising. In short, we become your co-founding team for the 6 months.

Support strong founding team

Build an MVP that 

intervenes at high leverage points

Identify Doer-at-scale & Payer-at-scale

Identify a big problem & theory of change

Iterate to reach product market fit

Build a scale up & fundraising strategy 

What we offer?


Unrestricted seed capital of upto Rs 20 lakhs


120+ hours of 1:1 mentoring from experienced founders & product leaders


Connection with domain experts, product leaders and change makers


Support with recruiting, finance, legal so that you can focus on impact


Who should apply?

  • Want to work full time on their non profit idea & bring large systemic impact in their domain
  • Can move to Delhi NCR for the duration of the program
  • Have a bent towards using technology for scalable change
  • Prefer people with at least two years of work experience or previous co-founding experience
  • People who have worked in tech or startups are highly encouraged to apply.

ACE Timeline

Invitation for applications

Start Date: 1st September


Idea Brainstorming Sessions with mentors & founders

Start Date: January 2024


Cohort Starts

Start Date: June 2024


Online startup bootcamp & 1x1 nurturing sessions with founders

Start Date: 1st October


One week in-house program & offer

Start Date: February 2024

Who are we?

Varun Aggarwal

Co-founder Fast India,

Previously founded Aspiring Minds with $100M exit, MIT alum 

Shubham Bansal

Former CEO & founder at Leap Club - a Y-Combinator backed company.  IIT Delhi and EPFL alum

Shailendra Nath Jha

Product leader, ex-MMT, Spinny, 

ISB alum

ACE Mentors

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