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A series of sessions with industry leaders and entrepreneurs specially catering to early stage startup founders.

EP - 1 Why do startups fail?

Startups have a high failure rate, with 95% of them failing. The main reasons for failure include not identifying a market need, choosing the wrong model or market, and failing to achieve sustainable growth.

#startups #entrepreneurship 

EP - 2 Product discovery, MVP & fast iteration

In ACE Startup Bootcamp Ep-2, Shalindra and Pranab highlight customer testing, product discovery, and MVPs, using Amazon and MakeMyTrip as examples. They stress validating ideas with customer feedback, focusing on data fidelity, quick execution, and learning from mistakes.

#product development #MVP #prototyping

EP - 3 Empowering Change: Starting an NPO

In ACE Startup Bootcamp Ep-3, Shabam Bansel discusses the impactful role of non-profits in India, citing BRAC and Pratham. He introduces Change Engine, an accelerator supporting aspiring non-profit founders.

#Non-profits #Social Impact

EP - 4 Building consumer products in India

Discover B2C brand building by prioritizing insights and product quality over budget. Learn how high-quality content drives growth, with Zomato's success emphasizing social integration over TV ads. Understand the crucial role of UI/UX and trust in today's customer-first market.

#B2C #Consumer Brands

EP - 5 Building an AI startup in times of LLM

The latest generation of LLMS (large language models) is versatile but not a long-lasting solution. Change Engine helps entrepreneurs navigate the AI landscape, emphasizing customer understanding and constant innovation for success.

#Artificial Intelligence

EP - 6 How non-profits can make systemic change?

The video covers a discussion on how non-profit organizations can create systemic change. The speakers, Hanisha and Tarun, share their perspectives on defining systemic change, identifying relationships between different components of a system, and finding leverage points for intervention.

#non-profits #social impact

EP - 7 Thinking product like AMAZON

Ashish Dua from Amazon Music stresses understanding user experiences for successful product creation, drawing on experiences from Spinny and MakeMyTrip. He advocates for product managers to adopt users' perspectives and suggests forming co-creator communities for B2B products to gather valuable insights.

#startups #entrepreneurship 

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