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Policy Co-founder, Incubator for aspiring politicians

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Job Type


About the Role

a) Define the policy and awareness roadmap for the organisation for the short and the longer term.
b) Research and publish articles to influence policy making in alignment with the organization's vision
c) Doing background research, create state-sector-understanding and find barriers to political entry.
d) Advocating policy change with all stakeholders including government and party organization.
e) Collaborate on fundraising efforts to secure financial support and resources to sustain and expand the organisation’s programs and initiatives.


a) Post Graduate with at least 5+ years of experience in research, policy brief writing, advocacy or related roles 

b) Preferred to have worked on policy areas in fields of democracy, state capacity, election etc.

c) Experience in politics, public service, or related fields, understanding of political processes and governance is good to have 

d) Experience in raising funds for social impact initiatives or non-profit organizations

e) A proactive and innovative mindset, willing to take initiative and explore creative approaches to address political development needs.

About the Company

Non-profit organisation focused on removing barriers to entry into politics. The organisation seeks to support progressive candidates with the necessary resources, mentorship, and guidance to launch successful political careers and create positive change in their communities and beyond.
Founder:- Ritwick Shrivastav (Ex-Inclusive Minds)
Ritwick is currently focusing on program structure and implementation and is looking for a Co-founder to take care of research, policy and awareness campaigns. Both co-founders will work closely to make the organization a success.

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