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Stage 1 - Idea Discovery

This guide helps early-stage founders brainstorm strong ideas by providing frameworks for both for-profit and non-profit ventures, including checklists and emphasizing user validation.              

1.1 Goal

Goal is to come up with a good idea and be ready to move in phase 2 of product development.


Check your idea against

  • GIC: Good Idea Checklist 

  • ORC: Org/Team Readiness Checklist

Checkout GIC and ORC  for non-profit organisations and for profit organisations.


1.2 Timeline

45 days, 2 people


1.3 Idea Discovery Process:


  1. Evaluate current idea against GIC, If good, move to ORC

  2. If not good, pick a broad area and do Value Chain mapping.

  3. Identify a problem area from the value chain mapping. Deeply understand problem area and develop idea to solve, which may fit the GIC. Stress test the idea against GIC.

  4. If the idea looks strong, move to ORC. If not, go back to Step 2 or 3.


Value Chain mapping: 

Any area/broad task has a number of sequential + parallel activities that get done to accomplish the goals. Value chain mapping is the process of:

1. Identifying all of these tasks

2. Segmenting them by audience

3. identifying what is solved in each, what is unsolved, friction points, and value drivers.

Subsequently one maps solutions to make one or more of these tasks efficient and tests the solutions against GIC.


1.4 ACE Process

Agents of Change Entrepreneurs (ACE) is a fully-funded six-month accelerator  program for idea-stage entrepreneurs seeking to solve hard problems. Know more

  1. 6-month intensive startup founder program for co-located learning & community.

  2. Weekly founder meetings for progress updates and planning. (we host atleast 1 office hour per week per team throughout the program)

  3. Bi-weekly expert sessions for founder guidance, network building, and growth strategies.

  4. Fortnightly readings provided to each team, which they have to study and present back to the cohort.

  5. Co-founder and  recommending team reconfiguration. 

  6. Helping connect with potential users for interviews and proper problem understanding.

1.5 Readings

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